MUSICAL FUTURES // Give a gift of musical instruments and education to impoverished children in Addis Ababa

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We've got some great reports from our project in Addis Ababa! Over the past four years we've been working with The Lelt Foundation to provide musical opportunities to underprivileged children. The music program has brought so much joy and pride to all the students involved. 

Lelt Foundation founder Anja Wood says, "I'm so amazed at the big impact it has had. It is truly a valued and respected class at the community centre."

Instruments For Ethiopia partners with non-profit, locally managed organisation The Lelt Foundation, to provide musical instruments and music education to Ethiopian children living in Kare Kore, Addis Ababa. Their programs are designed to empower acutely impoverished families with tools to become sustainable. They focus on educational opportunities so that children can thrive and have access to employment opportunities later in life. 

If you don't know the full story, Andy and I (Levi) travelled to Addis Ababa in 2015 where we sought an organisation working with children in the area of music. We kicked off our very first project which has to date seen $9000 AUD raised to purchase musical instruments, both traditional and modern, as well as provide expert tuition from a traditional music teacher who runs group classes each week. 

Students are given opportunities to learn, engage with other students and perform for their community. They've found playing traditional Ethiopian music is able to bring them closer to their ancestors and families and gives them something to be proud of, which means a lot. In their current economic state they would often not have the opportunity to learn an instrument and receive professional tuition. 

Partner with us this year as we continue to to support this wonderful project. 


Levi and Andy 

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