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Supporting children learning traditional music in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Since 2016 MusicGiveLife in partnership with Lelt Foundation has raised funds annually to support disadvantaged children to learn music. We currently run programs in Kare Kore, Ethiopia, employing a teacher two days a week to train kids on traditional Ethiopian instruments.

These instruments include the Krar, Masenqo, Washint and Kebero drum. Students also have the opportunity to learn on modern western instruments such as the piano, guitar and bass guitar. 

We are proud to partner with The Lelt Foundation to deliver this important and sustainable program. 


Addis Ababa is home to tens of thousands of street children, fleeing poverty and lack of opportunity in rural areas of the country. These children often end up in child labour, begging, domestic service and prostitution. They miss out on years of education and the cycle of poverty goes on. 

In 2020 as the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ethiopia recorded over 100,000 cases and schools, businesses and NGO's were directed to close. Many months of education were missed by students across the country. As things go back to normal in Ethiopia we need your help to re-launch our music program to help get teachers and students back to making music! 


Now in its sixth year, our music program continues in 2022 under the tutelage of Ethiopian traditional musician and teacher Yeabsira. After years spent touring with his band he is back instructing Krar, piano, guitar and drums. We are so proud to see children determined to learn, grow and play even under difficult circumstances. 

To partner with us in this life changing work please donate today. 

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