Levi and Andy head to Alice Springs!

Awesome news team! Andy and I are off to Alice Springs this coming August for Instruments For The Outback 2024! We're visiting Yirara College in Alice Springs, a boarding school for high school aged Aboriginal students from across Australia. They've got a great focus on the creative arts and even have their own TV channel on Youtube. YIRARA TV

Andy and I will be leading a week of music learning alongside local music teacher Elouise, focusing on bass, guitar and drums as well as performance and vocal coaching. The students are already songwriting, performing at assemblies and school events, so this trip is really about building confidence, growing skills and stretching the musical abilities of the students. 


To support the students, we're taking with us around $10k worth of instruments from electronic drums and African Djembes to electric guitar amps. We'll be launching our fundraising campaign for the year very soon for folks who'd like to put their $$ behind us and help us do what we love. So stay tuned, remember to follow us on FB and thanks for your continual support, be it word of mouth, financial or prayerful. We are grateful for it all! 

Andy and Levi

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