MUSICAL FUTURES // Give a gift of musical instruments and education to impoverished children in Addis Ababa


Today, Andy and I met with YV Financial Services, major donors for our initiative ‘Instruments For The Outback’ in 2017 and very proud to have them partnering with us again in 2018! Congratulations to Les who had just received the Senior Adviser of the year award and YV Financial Services for winning Regional Practice of the year for VIC, SA and TAS at the Sentry Excellence Awards. Great work YV Financial Services. Thanks for your belief and support! - IFO Team Find out more about YV Financial Services and how they could benefit you here. 


Hi There, Well we have some exciting news! Its official, Instruments For The Outback will be travelling to Arnhem Land for the first time ever! A small team of 5 has been invited to travel to Elcho Island to spend time in Gawa working with school students and aboriginal elders setting up a performance space. In addition to providing instruments and running music workshops for the week, our team will also be putting together a small recording studio. This will enable indigenous students and elders to record songs and stories in the local languages of Warramirri and Djambarpungu. We're really excited to be involved in preserving an ancient language and nurturing the young artists of Elcho Island! Head to our DONATE page to support the trip!  - IFO Team     (Photo copyright Mark Monro)