MUSICAL FUTURES // Give a gift of musical instruments and education to impoverished children in Addis Ababa

Message From Our Founders

Instruments For The Outback is back in 2019 with a passion to see kids making music in Outback Australia. This June we’re taking a team of professional musicians to remote parts of the Northern Territory, teaming with local indigenous musicians to roll out music programs for school aged kids.We’ll be running a week of instrumental workshops and recording sessions, all while learning more about indigenous languages, culture and traditions. At the end of the week we hold a special concert where the kids get to perform for the whole community, showcasing what they’ve learnt. It always finishes with dancing and everyone getting involved. We have an exciting goal for this year to produce an original song and video clip to share their unique music and language with the world. Join us as we raise $15,000 to get quality musical instruments, recording equipment and performing gear into Outback communities. Your support helps to foster indigenous music and supports young people living in remote parts of Australia.

Hear This...

It just keeps on getting better. Now in our third year, Instruments For Ethiopia is thriving! We've just had an update from our partner organisation The Lelt Foundation and the progress our young musicians are making is incredible. Thanks to music teacher Dawit Fekadu, we have girls and boys learning traditional goat skinned instruments like the Krar, made from a pumpkin shell and and played in a similar style to a harp. In the latest video update we were surprised to see they can already play and sing - which for anyone who has learnt an instrument will know - is not an easy task!  Earlier this year our talented students participated in the Virtual Orchestra Project, a global online collaboration featuring music students from across the world. What an opportunity for the kids to see and hear music from other cultures! Check out the virtual performance here:    

Thanks To Our Sponsors

Well, we've just got back from our second Outback Adventure running music workshops across the Northern Territory. Without the support of our sponsors we couldn't take beautiful instruments with us. This year they provided guitars, keyboards, amplifiers and a PA system that will help local music teacher Roger Latham reach hundreds of indigenous school students and communities as they take part in his music campsite in Woolaning NT. We had the chance to take some of these instruments into Batchelor Area School for a day of workshops and music making with the students there and we see the desire of kids to learn music. So today we say thanks to YV Financial Services for their generosity in providing musical instruments and accessories to support indigenous communities in NT!

Keeping Language Alive

Did you know that over 250 indigenous languages were spoken when Europeans first arrived in Australia? Now only 120 languages are still spoken. Many are lost as elders pass away. It sounds pretty wild but we have an opportunity to help preserve a language this year. We’ve been tasked with building a small recording studio on Elcho Island that will allow Yolngu elders to record cultural songs and stories in Warramiri. Warramiri is considered an endangered language spoken by only a handful of people and we have a chance to help preserve it, to get people excited about hearing it.  This is just some of the equipment we are taking. This will enable the community to record vocals, guitars, drums, didgereedoo plus piano and midi instruments also.  If you’re excited to help make this happen, Donate now to our online fundraiser.


Today, Andy and I met with YV Financial Services, major donors for our initiative ‘Instruments For The Outback’ in 2017 and very proud to have them partnering with us again in 2018! Congratulations to Les who had just received the Senior Adviser of the year award and YV Financial Services for winning Regional Practice of the year for VIC, SA and TAS at the Sentry Excellence Awards. Great work YV Financial Services. Thanks for your belief and support! - IFO Team Find out more about YV Financial Services and how they could benefit you here.